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Emergency Medication Management Plan (Midazolam)

The Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) most widely used in Queensland (for both adults and children) is the QLD Health Seizure emergency and midazolam instruction. Your prescribing doctor would typically provide this to you.  A copy of the document is shown below for reference.

There are other EMMP templates available nationally which are more widely used in other states, including the Epilepsy Smart Australia EMMP template found here. This may be accepted by your treating doctor as an alternative to the above-mentioned document.

Once an EMMP has been completed by your doctor, we recommend making several copies for your own records. All EMMPs need to be reviewed every 12 months, even if there is no change to the dosage, timing or seizures.

If you have any questions about EMMPs, reach out to our team to discuss the Queensland EMMP practices and documentation.

Administration of Midazolam training

Does your child’s school teacher, daycare teacher, support worker, grandparent or other family or friends caring for your child need training in the administration of Midazolam? Epilepsy Queensland can provide training in the administration of Midazolam via in-house workshops, through Zoom video conferencing or in your workplace. 

For more information on administration of Midazolam training including dates and registration view the workshop link below.

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