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Economic burden of epilepsy

The report, launched on International Epilepsy Day February 10, shows that in 2019-20, there will be an estimated 142,740 people living with active epilepsy in Australia, costing a total of $12.3 billion. The lifetime costs for the estimated 14,603 new cases per year is $22.2 billion. Epilepsy doesn’t discriminate, being prevalent across gender, age and location.

Epilepsy Queensland believes that the psychological and social impacts of epilepsy are as important as the economic burden.

At Epilepsy Queensland, we understand the complexity & challenges of living with epilepsy. We also understand the importance of providing services to meet these needs. Epilepsy Queensland welcomes this report as it provides concrete evidence for the development & continuation of vital services for people living with epilepsy both at a state & national level.


The Flame is Epilepsy Queensland’s quarterly newsletter for members. It is packed with inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking stories of living with epilepsy, news about our events and activities as well as tips, information and updates from Epilepsy Queensland’s team, renowned epilepsy specialists, researchers, health professionals and advocates.

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Livewires was formerly Epilepsy Queensland’s quarterly newsletter of the Family Support Program. It is packed with epilepsy stories, news about our events and activities and up to date advice and information. 

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Little Poss Newsletter

Epilepsy Queensland’s mascot Little Poss (who has epilepsy as some possums do!) helps children learn about epilepsy and how to deal with seizures, medication, bullying and schoolwork.

Little Poss writes a bi-monthly newsletter which you can receive by becoming a member of the club.  Click here for more information on becoming a member of the Little Poss Club.

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