Epilepsy Management Plan - Epilepsy Queensland

Epilepsy management plan

As everyone’s epilepsy is different, there is a need of an individual plan on how to best manage the person’s epilepsy. This is known as an epilepsy management plan.

Why have an epilepsy management plan?

A well-prepared plan can help others to understand your condition and best respond to your needs. You can then share this document at your discretion with your school, workplace, service providers or any clubs or organisations you are involved in. This ensures you are cared for respectfully across different environments which can be reassuring and even potentially life-saving.

What information should be included?

The plan should describe:

  • Relevant medical history, including epilepsy diagnosis
  • Current medications
  • Seizure type/s
  • Seizure triggers
  • Seizure first aid measures
  • Emergency measures should they be required

The management plan should be current, accurate and easy to understand. The plan should be developed by the person or people who have the most knowledge and experience of the person’s epilepsy and seizures. It is very important for the person with epilepsy to be part of this planning process. A team approach to developing a plan is often helpful. Epilepsy Queensland recommends this plan be reviewed and signed by the person’s doctor.

You can find an epilepsy management template below. Epilepsy Queensland can complete a comprehensive epilepsy management plan with you, making it easier for you to update or obtain a new copy at any time.

If you would like assistance with developing an epilepsy management plan please contact our Services Team on 07 3435 5000 or 1300 852 853 (outside Brisbane).