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Children and epilepsy

Children with epilepsy need support from family and friends and benefit from being involved in their health management.


Statistically, a diagnosis of epilepsy occurs commonly in children under five. However, epilepsy can occur at any stage in childhood or adulthood. Some epilepsy syndromes will appear in infancy and early childhood and can be recognised by other associated identifying factors from blood tests, cognitive ability and the appearance, type and number of seizures.

Some childhood epilepsies have an excellent prognosis and most children may be well controlled on the right medication or not need any treatment at all. Many children will outgrow their seizures around the time of puberty.

A small group of children with epilepsy will be more challenging to treat. Growth, the progression of a syndrome and related factors can sometimes prove to be tricky in maintaining seizure control. For the best possible outcome, it is essential for parents and caregivers to have an honest and open relationship with specialists involved in the care of children with epilepsy.


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