Epilepsy Syndromes explained - Epilepsy Queensland

What is a syndrome?

Usually, a syndrome is based on a group of symptoms and signs that when added together, give a clearer picture of a particular condition or disorder.

Diagnostic factors

With regards to epilepsy, some of these signs and symptoms are factors such as the type of seizures, the age at which the seizures began, whether the child is male or female, any other conditions or diseases, and whether various medications are effective or not.

When a person is diagnosed with a particular syndrome, it allows neurologists and doctors to provide more information to the person about what could happen to them in the future, not only with respect to their epilepsy but also in relation to other features such as development and learning skills.

This section provides a brief overview of some of the epilepsy syndromes and associated seizure types. Links to further information or organisations specific to each syndrome is provided where available.

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