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Epilepsy Smart Australia

Epilepsy Smart Australia is a national partnership working together to bring you the best knowledge and resources about the management of epilepsy. Epilepsy Queensland is a proud Service Delivery Partner of this new initiative that provides help for people with epilepsy, those who support them, and for broader community organisations and companies.

About the Program

Epilepsy Smart Australia provides access to a single point of contact for high quality, evidence-based resources, information and support, plus referral to epilepsy state service providers for ongoing services and support for those living with epilepsy, their families, carers, workplaces, schools and communities.

The much-needed national program is improving support services for those living with epilepsy, their families, carers or support networks and for medical professionals – no matter where they live across Australia, their age or stage of life. Epilepsy Smart Australia is also reaching out to under-serviced communities that have traditionally had difficulties accessing services.

Those needing services now have a single point of contact, the National Epilepsy Support Service 1300 761 487. People with complex needs will be referred to their local state service provider for ongoing, individualised epilepsy support, as well as education, training and local events.

The new Epilepsy Smart Australia program includes the Epilepsy Smart Disability, Epilepsy Smart Aged Care and Epilepsy Smart Schools training programs.

Epilepsy Smart Australia Services

▪ The National Epilepsy Support Service 1300 761 487, a telephone advice, information and referral service and email support@epilepsysmart.org.au

▪ Access to the latest information about managing and living well with epilepsy – access to more than 40 downloadable resources such as ‘Understanding epilepsy and seizures’, ‘Planning for pregnancy with epilepsy’ and ‘Swimming with epilepsy’

▪ Personalised advice and support tailored to a person’s unique needs

▪ Referrals to other services that can assist with creating Epilepsy Management Plans and Emergency Medication Management Plans

▪ Education to help people understand and manage epilepsy – for individuals with epilepsy, their families and carers, as well as the aged care sector, disability sector, workplaces and schools

▪ Training in administering emergency medication

▪ Access to local events, activities and ongoing support


Epilepsy Smart Australia is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. It is a collaborative partnership between epilepsy service providers across Australia including Epilepsy Foundation (Vic/NSW), Epilepsy Queensland, Epilepsy ACT, Epilepsy WA, The Epilepsy Centre SA/NT and Epilepsy Tasmania

Visit epilepsysmart.org.au or call the National Epilepsy Support Service on 1300 761 487

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