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Epilepsy Smart Schools

Is your school an Epilepsy Smart School?

Epilepsy Queensland is part of Epilepsy Australia, a national collective of epilepsy organisations located in every Australian state and territory. Epilepsy Australia is the national peak organisation supporting the Australian community.

The Epilepsy Smart Schools website has amazing free resources for educators and schools, including great info sheets, templates of individual learning plans, seizure first aid posters and much more.


How can your school be an Epilepsy Smart School

To become an Epilepsy Smart School you need to have completed the following three steps:

Step 1. Demonstrated support of any known students at your school living with epilepsy by ensuring they have the required management and medication plans (prepared by their medical practitioner).  Some schools have completed student-specific training. Visit our Training website for more information about this.

If you require assistance in developing an epilepsy management plan, Epilepsy Queensland can assist with this as required.

Step 2. Successfully completed professional development about the impact of epilepsy on your students and been trained in how to support a student should a seizure occur. Visit our Training website for more information about this.

Step 3. Educate students about epilepsy through an awareness-raising campaign such as a school assembly, engaging in classroom activities or running an event to raise valuable funds for research and support. We have some great ideas for your school on how you could meet the requirements of Step 3 in becoming an Epilepsy Smart School, and we are always happy to discuss these with you.

Epilepsy Queensland training for schools

Every child deserves to be supported and safe in their learning environment.

If your school requires epilepsy training, we are still offering this service currently, via video-conferencing platform, Zoom.

For more information contact Epilepsy Queensland on 1300 852 853.
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