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To assist us at Epilepsy Queensland (EQI) to improve our services we welcome and encourage comments, suggestions and feedback from clients, carers, families, staff, volunteers and the general community.


Any complaint will be taken seriously and no genuine complaint will be left unaddressed.

EQI provides a complaints management process that is open and transparent; can effect an early resolution; provides confidence that a complaint will be dealt with fairly and without fear of retribution; handles complaints impartially, equitably, confidentially, with appropriate sensitivity and respects privacy.


If you have a general concern, comment or feedback, you can contact EQI to discuss.

Telephone:  34 355 000 

Mail : P O Box 1457, Coorparoo BC QLD 4151 


For formal complaints to be addressed appropriately, all specific, relevant details need to be provided to EQI so action to resolve the issue can be taken. Our complaints form can guide you through what information is needed.  Please contact EQI and we can mail or email a form to you or, alternatively, you can discuss your complaint with a relevant staff member who can complete the form on your behalf, for action.    

You may make your formal complaint directly to the Chair of the Epilepsy Queensland Board or to the Chief Executive Officer, but for any action to be taken, all relevant details need to be provided.

In monitoring our EQI social media platforms, we realise some people may prefer to use this avenue to express a complaint, a comment or give feedback. In the case of a complaint, the person will be invited to elaborate their concern directly with EQI staff and, if they wish, make a formal complaint. If so, they will need to follow the above procedure of completing all details required by the complaints form or provide all details to a staff member who can complete the form on their behalf.

 The person making the formal complaint may remain anonymous, however, all details of the complaint and a contact for the person for follow-up will need to be provided.

Access assistance

Staff can assist a person in need to make a complaint or raise a concern utilising agencies and services such as:

  • Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) Toll-Free on 131 450
  • Speech or Communication Impairment  – National Relay Service (NRS) Text Telephone (TTY) or modem callers can contact the NRS Toll-Free on 133 677
  • Speech to Speech Relay (SSR) – National Relay Services (NRS) Toll-Free 1300 555 727

We can also assist a person who is vision impaired to record their complaint

Complaints resolution

Complaints are recorded in our Complaints Management System for review and closeout. EQI will make every effort to resolve the issue at the time it is raised.  If this is not immediately achievable, action will be taken to resolve the complaint within five (5) working days of receiving the complaint. Where the nature of the complaint deems it necessary to be outside this time limit, the complainant will be kept informed. The complainant will be consulted and advised of the outcome of their complaint.

Where the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution offered by EQI, they may appeal the result in writing. In such cases, EQI can engage the services of an external, independent service to provide mediation assistance.


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