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Thinking Outside the Box | Epilepsy Symposium

Epilepsy Queensland has proudly presented the Thinking Outside the Box | Epilepsy Symposium for more than a decade.

Our Symposium in 2022 will be a hybrid event.  We are so excited to welcome people back to gather together and learn more about the world of Epilepsy. 

In person attendance include:

  • Full day program
  • Morning Tea and Lunch
  • Exclusive networking function (canapes & drinks)
  • Epilepsy Queensland Awards ceremony

This annual Symposium is vital in sharing the latest knowledge and information, stimulating dialogue and Thinking Outside the Box when it comes to epilepsy research and the impacts of epilepsy. Delegates will learn from the stimulating dialogue, experience and perspectives shared by our widely renowned speakers in their individual field of expertise.

A note on COVID-19

The State Library of Queensland is a Queensland Governement owned library and is currently subject to a Cheif Health Officer direction regarding vaccination status. You must be vaccinated to attend this event in person.

This is a COVIDSafe event. Epilepsy Queensland and the State Library of Queensland takes your health and safety seriously and will be using various measures to keep you as safe as possible at this event. We encourage you to socially distance, wash your hands frequently and/or use supplied sanitiser. The auditorium will only be sold to 50% capacity to ensure our ability to socially distance.

Queensland Symposium Program