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Little Poss Club

Our club dedicated to children living with epilepsy.

Who is Little Poss?

Little Poss is a loveable brushtail possum who lives in Ningaloo, Australia. He developed epilepsy and fell out of his tree. He has many friends, Ruby Rosella, Kerry Koala, Eddie Emu, Wally Wombat, and Gertie Goanna.

Little Poss is a very friendly character who comes along to all the special events held by Epilepsy Queensland, including Make March Purple for epilepsy!

Join our club

Little Poss would love for all children with epilepsy, as well as their brothers and sisters, to join his very own Little Poss Club. 

Members receive a welcome pack, birthday cards, bi-monthly newsletters, and invitations to Little Poss’s birthday party every year!

Little Poss loves getting mail from his friends so please send Little Poss your letter and a drawing.

Becoming a member

If you would like your child to become a member of the Little Poss Club, please contact the services team at Epilepsy Queensland on 07 3435 5000. You can also email the Little Poss membership form below to or fill out the online form.

Little Poss Online Membership Form

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  • Child/ren Information

Little Poss Resources

We have two books available for purchase about Little Poss’s journey with epilepsy. “And Down Went Poss” and “Poss’s School Days” tell delightful stories for children to understand epilepsy and how to be a friend to someone with epilepsy.


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