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Stirling's Story

Sam and Fiona Bryce are loving and dedicated parents of two children, Annabel and Stirling. Stirling was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2017. Both father and son share this bond, with Sam himself first diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager. At the time Sam wasn’t aware of the support available from Epilepsy Queensland.

“I think there was less understanding of epilepsy back then and a certain stigma attached to the condition. I kept my epilepsy very private as a result. Now as a father of a young boy with epilepsy my attitude is certainly different and I appreciate the importance of having a network, both professional and personal to understand his condition. But also the importance of raising awareness in the community. It’s essential to show support to those living with epilepsy and those who care for them.”

Stirling’s epilepsy journey started at 10 months old when he began experiencing febrile convulsions in March 2017. These convulsions progressed to non-febrile seizures and he was diagnosed with GEFS+ epilepsy in February 2018 after an EEG also showed signs of micro seizures during his sleep.

His neurologist Dr Shah prescribed Epilim to help control his seizures and he was fortunate to respond well to the drug, bringing his epilepsy under control.


The Bryce family who are from the Darling Downs, are strong advocates for raising awareness and funds for Epilepsy Queensland. When Stirling was first diagnosed it was an opportunity for Sam to reflect on his own epilepsy journey as well as the impact on his son’s health. Sam consequently contacted Epilepsy Queensland for information and support. Sam now understands the importance of Epilepsy Queensland’s support services in providing a better understanding of his son’s condition.

“With continued education and support, we hope Stirling will realise that he can achieve anything as he grows. We think it’s important that he is aware of his condition and mindful of managing it, as we don’t see epilepsy as a limitation to his potential in life”.



In March 2020 Stirling reached the milestone of two years seizure free! Following a normal sleep EEG in May 2020 Dr Shah has recommended a slow reduction off his medication.

Stirling’s Mum Fiona says:

“This has been a fantastic outcome for Stirling and our family and we have been incredibly fortunate to have Dr Shah as our doctor and the EQI Team guiding us through.”

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