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Rhyannan's Epilepsy Story

Rhyannan is from Emerald, Queensland and is the mother to two young sons.

Rhyannan and her mum were on their way to get Rhyannan’s learners permit when she was 16-years-old when she suddenly had a seizure.

“I have no family history of epilepsy, so it really was a shock,” says Rhyannan.

As it turns out, Rhyannan’s epilepsy was triggered by scar tissue in her brain from when she was sick as a child.

“Shortly after that first seizure, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I have been seizing every day since.”

Now 29, and living in Emerald, Rhyannan is a single mum to her two sons.

“It is so hard because these seizures take the life out of you. I ring and speak with the team at Epilepsy Queensland a lot because having support is so important. Not many people know anything about epilepsy even though it is a serious health condition which can be debilitating.”

Rhyannan continues: “I just wish people knew more. I really want to spread awareness so everyone can understand the effect that it not only has on your brain, but on your life.”

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