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Mike's Story

For Mike, aged 72, the first signs he was having a seizure was an unusual feeling and movement in his arm. Despite being at a higher risk of seizure due to a previous stroke, Mike may have dismissed the warning signs if it wasn’t for his family’s insistence.

“I was really surprised when the doctor told me my scans showed I was having seizure activity” says Mike. I had always associated seizures with convulsions.”

Mike explains the hardest part was not being able to drive for six months but says “I would never have forgiven myself if something happened on the road, if had I not followed up and got my seizures under control.”

Mike’s family being able to #recognise that something was not quite right, set Mike on the path to get treatment. He was prescribed anti-seizure medication, which he still takes two years later.

“I have not had another seizure which is fantastic,” he says. “I am now back singing in my band and driving myself to gigs.”



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