Impact Award Winners of epilepsy - Epilepsy Queensland

Impact Award Winners

To coincide with International Epilepsy Day, Epilepsy Queensland introduced a new visionary awards program, with each award aligning with the values and strategic priorities of our organisation. Congratulations to our deserving award recipients for 2020- read on as we showcase each award and these exceptional people.

The Impact Award - Nick and Sarah Cameron

The Impact is awarded to the person/people or organisation who has made a significant contribution towards making Epilepsy Queensland financially strong or has helped us to better understand and measure our impact on the epilepsy community.

Faced with the unimaginable loss of beloved son Jack, The Cameron’s established legacy fund Jack’s Last Gift, which has left a lasting impression on our community and organisation.

Due to the selfless efforts of Sarah, Nick, and their friends, family and community, Epilepsy Queensland has received a total of $240,000 and counting.

This amazing gift will make a significant impact on our work, and will continue to do so into the future, as we honour the memory of Jack for many years to come.

The Agile Award- Anaconda Logan

The Agile is awarded to a person or organisation who has demonstrated agility and resourcefulness in adapting to the needs of people living with epilepsy.

We are particularly proud that our only nominee that fitted this category is an employer. Nominated by a person living with epilepsy who works in their Logan store, Anaconda is recognised as a supportive organisation for those living with epilepsy.

Our work with Anaconda Stores has only just begun and we look forward to supporting them to achieve more in this space.


The Shine Award- Peter Jones

The Shine is awarded to an individual who, through their professional or personal endeavours, has been a light for people impacted by epilepsy.

Peter was nominated in this category by two separate people from our community and is being recognised as a celebrated Nurse Practitioner and for his professional knowledge, nursing skill, compassion, empathy, dedication, and availability to patients.

The Hero Award- Danica Quabba

The Hero is awarded to a person or organisation who has made a significant contribution to community awareness, advocating for the removal of barriers and/or contributed to advancements in research.

Danica is a dedicated Mum to Hazel and to three-year-old Abigail who lives with epilepsy. Living in Ingham, the family have had to be flexible and proactive to access services for Abi. Danica is a strong advocate for Epilepsy Queensland, raising funds via many peer-to-peer fundraisers and being the featured story of our Christmas Appeal.

Danica has also established a Facebook and Instagram page, @theMedicalisedMumma where she spreads awareness of epilepsy by sharing their story and promotes fundraising for Epilepsy Queensland.

From Danica:

“The work this organisation does for families like ours living with an epilepsy diagnosis day-to-day is nothing short of astounding.

I advocate so strongly because I wish to see a future where my daughter can be accepted. A future that embraces a person as a whole and not just what society dictates as “normal”. A future where an illness is not what defines my daughter. A future where the stigma doesn’t exist. A future where people are educated rather than fearful. A future where health literacy is equitable across the whole of Queensland.

This future is not only my vision but one that Epilepsy Queensland is striving to achieve and one I will continue to strongly advocate for!”

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