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Purple Reigns Across the Nation

What does it mean to have a national campaign?

As we launch Make March Purple 2024, we’re celebrating our first ever national campaign to give epilepsy the attention it deserves.

With epilepsy support organisations across Australia banding together, for the first time, to share the realities of living with this widely misunderstood condition, and the reasons why it needs to be talked about, there’s no better time to paint our State purple!

So, what’s the point of an awareness campaign?

  1. It gives us a chance to educate the public about what you’re experiencing and how everyone can play a part in making life better
  2. It builds knowledge about what epilepsy can look like, to assist with diagnosis and signposting people to sources of support
  3. It can influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, so people with epilepsy get a fairer go in education, the workplace and beyond
  4. It gives us an opportunity to address systemic issues – the things that are missing, and the changes we know could make a difference
  5. It can help reduce fear, stigma and discrimination by humanising our experiences and showing the people and families behind the ‘condition’
  6. It can help us bring epilepsy to the fore with those who allocate resources for research and direct services and make policy decisions
  7. It brings us together around our common goal – to make life better for people with epilepsy.

In 2024, Queensland is joining every other state and territory in Australia to Make March Purple in a big way. Come join us!

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