Make March Purple Launches for 2024 - Epilepsy Queensland

Make March Purple Launches for 2024

Helping turn things around for people with epilepsy.

Make March Purple has well and truly kicked off, with Wally Lewis, Jacaranda Finance CEO Dan Wessels and Epilepsy Queensland CEO Chris Dougherty all telling epilepsy to #GetMucked!

Together, alongside a community of families impacted by epilepsy, the trio took part in the Purple Muck Challenge, getting covered in purple ‘muck’ to raise awareness and start conversations about this common neurological condition.

“Campaigns like this are really important to raise awareness because often it’s not about the seizures that really impact people’s lives; it’s the discrimination, it’s the stigma, it’s the premature loss of life,” says Chris Dougherty, Epilepsy Queensland Chief Executive.

Driven by aligned values and a personal connection, Jacaranda Finance CEO Dan Wessels, is proud to be the campaign’s official sponsor. “It made sense for us from a values perspective … one of our values at Jacaranda Finance is to make people’s lives easier. That is literally what Epilepsy Queensland do all day every day for people living with epilepsy, so it was an absolute no brainer for us to get behind [Make March Purple],” says Dan.

Make March Purple campaign ambassador, Wally Lewis, got to spend time with a number of families; chatting through shared experiences, understanding their stories and how epilepsy has impacted them personally. He pulled out his footy skills, having a kick around with the children, and personally gave them their own Make March Purple plush cow to take home before they returned the favour by covering him in purple ‘muck’!

A messy day for a good cause, helping turn things around for Queenslanders with epilepsy.

Find out more about how you can get involved in Make March Purple.  

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