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Collective Vision Drives Support for Epilepsy

Driven by a personal connection to our services and a shared mission to make the lives of Australians better, Jacaranda Finance’s decision to become the first official sponsor of our Make March Purple campaign was a natural one.

Throughout the month of March, the Jacaranda Finance team embraced our collective mission to turn things around for people impacted by epilepsy.

From starting conversations about the condition with family and friends to educating and raising awareness in their own circles, they’ve found encouraging and engaging ways to support this impactful initiative – even including some friendly workplace competition.

For Jacaranda Finance CEO Dan Wessels, losing his uncle to epilepsy was an early lesson in understanding that there’s no rhyme and reason to who is affected and how it plays out, which drove his desire to support and amplify the importance of Make March Purple.

“Our extended family has seen intimately the impact epilepsy has not only had on the life of the person living with it day in and day out, but also how it affects the lives of those who form their support network,” Dan said.

“Knowing someone with epilepsy and seeing how it impacts their life can be daunting. But over time you grow accustomed to how someone you care so deeply for struggles with the daily impact of living with epilepsy, so your focus always turns to how best you can support them through it.”

Dan said it was heartening to see Make March Purple being so eagerly embraced by the wider Jacaranda Finance team with their continued efforts to raise much needed donations.

From the moment the partnership was launched, with rugby league legend Wally Lewis visiting their Brisbane-based head office, the team were raring to go.

With a little extra encouragement – in the form of a signed Broncos Jersey from Wally – the team were challenged to out-sell each other in a raffle ticket competition.

While only one team member will be crowned winner of the fundraising drive, Jacaranda Finance’s generous sponsorship and enthusiasm for this year’s campaign has ensured that people with epilepsy, Australia wide, are the real winners.

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