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The Big Epilepsy Tax Appeal

“Epilepsy Queensland helps so many families to cope with a sometimes devastating diagnosis. They assist families to gain knowledge and help and can connect individuals and families with much needed resources.” Danica parent of a young child newly diagnosed with epilepsy.

Abigail’s Story

Abigail was diagnosed with multi-focal epilepsy at just 20 months of age. Her parents Danica and Jason told us her first noticeable seizure was at three days old and they knew then it would be a long journey. Abigail experienced a few tough times and at one stage she underwent 120 clinical seizures in just over two weeks.

Danica said “the day she was diagnosed was a mixture of relief, guilt and heartbreak. I was glad to have a name for what was happening but at the same time questioning whether we did something wrong to cause this and wondering how her future would look. We mourned the loss of a normal childhood for her. Our family needed support, so I phoned the Epilepsy Queensland Helpline”.

Helpline offers lifeline

People who call the Epilepsy Queensland Helpline are looked after by our caring and knowledgeable team members who are specifically trained in epilepsy management and are there to provide understanding, information and support when it is needed most.

“Having someone to talk to who has had firsthand experience and deals with epilepsy all the time has been amazing and so beneficial to our family”, says Danica.

Will you become a beacon of hope for families in need like Danica and Abigail?

Because of the support from caring people, we could be there for Danica and Jason’s family when they needed it the most.

Please donate today to help families receive the information and support they need, as they continue along their epilepsy journey.

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