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Workplace Training: Gateway Physiotherapy

Epilepsy Queensland's workplace training allows employers to equip their staff with relevant information on epilepsy and seizure first aid. Gateway Physiotherapy have been engaging in Epilepsy Queensland's training for a number of years and have been able to implement this knowledge in their practice.

Recently, one of our Living Well team members, Leonie, was able to facilitate a successful seizure first aid training workshop for Gateway Physiotherapy. Their practice specialises in providing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for clients with chronic health conditions.

Michael Warburton, Principal Physiotherapist from Gateway Physiotherapy says, “There have been countless examples of when the team have implemented their training during hydrotherapy … we have many clients that have epilepsy and have required seizure first aid when completing their therapy session”.

Their team have been participating in Epilepsy Queensland’s training for five years now which has allowed their staff to ensure the safety and welfare of their patients.

“Within the pool it can be a daunting environment for the patient as well as the families due to the unknowingness of when a seizure may occur. By having our staff seizure smart we can assure these patients and their families that they are in safe and reliable hands,” says Michael.

We want to thank the whole team at Gateway Physiotherapy for engaging in our training and striving to grow their knowledge and understanding of epilepsy and seizures.

If you would like to book training for your organisation or workplace, click the link below.

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