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Empowering Future Generations

Matthias' Classmates Learn About Epilepsy

When Matthias’ parents reached out to Epilepsy Queensland asking if we could educate his fellow classmates about epilepsy, our team were all in.

Aylce from our Living Well team visited Matthias’ Year 5 class, preparing an interactive and engaging session to help the students learn more about epilepsy, seizures, and how they could support Matthias in and out of the classroom.

“Our approach was to support the students’ understanding of epilepsy, seizure first aid, and how they can be good friends and provide social support,” explains Aylce. “Ending the session with a Q&A, the students spoke confidently and with empathy.”

“As an epilepsy educator and trainer, it is particularly powerful to educate young people, as it builds confident, safer communities and empowers our future generations to reduce stigma experienced by people living with epilepsy.”

We were so glad to hear the fantastic feedback after the session from Matthias’ mother, Catherine:

On behalf of Matthias and my family we would like to extend our gratitude to Aylce in coming in to talk at Matthias class.  Thank You also to you Jenny in organising this.

I unfortunately could not be there, however the feedback that I got from my husband Kip, was that it was a very positive reception.  The children and staff were very engaged in the talk.

Just this morning, I had two parents approach me saying how their child went home and telling them what they have learnt about epilepsy, gaining better understanding about epilepsy and being more positive in looking out for Matthias. We truly appreciate that you were able to make the Epilepsy Talk happen.  We can’t thank you and Aylce enough.”

If your child’s school or early learning centre requires training to further understand epilepsy and ensure the safety of your child while in their care, contact our team today on 1300 852 853 or via email at livingwell@epilepsyqueensland.com.au

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