Emergency Management Plan - Epilepsy Queensland

Emergency management plan (Midazolam)

Epilepsy Queensland can provide you with an emergency management plan (Midazolam) template to take to your prescribing doctor for completion.

We recommend making several copies for your own records as best practice. All emergency management plans need to be reviewed every 12 months even if there is no change to the dosage, timing or seizures. 

Download the Intranasal and Buccal Midazolam (for the emergency management of seizures) form and/or the Queensland Health Midazolam emergency management plan below.

Administration of Midazolam training

Does your child’s school teacher, daycare teacher, support worker, grandparent or other family or friends caring for your child need training in the administration of Midazolam? Epilepsy Queensland can provide training in the administration of Midazolam via in-house workshops, through Zoom video conferencing or in your workplace. 

For more information on administration of Midazolam training including dates and registration view the workshop link below.